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6 Features that Make Suzuki Connect A Must

Maruti Suzuki has been at the forefront of numerous technological and safety initiatives, one of which is the ‘Suzuki Connect’, an advance Telematics system which lets you stay connected to your car. This system uses a simple smartphone app (available in Android and iOS) and keeps you well-informed about your car at all times.

Enhancing your car ownership experience, here’s why Suzuki Connect is a must: -

1. A More Secure Solution

Unlike most OBD-based telematics solutions, Suzuki Connect is a TCU (Telematics Control Unit) based solution which means that it is better, safer, and more user-friendly. Suzuki Connect is ‘deeply embedded’ and exchanges information through a cellular network with a centralised server that is connected to NEXA customer care.

*OBD – On-Board Diagnostics

2.Vehicle Tracking

This feature is equipped with on-board GPS and allows you to share your live location for a pre-determined time, find the location of your car, and get tow-away alerts on your app. The tracking feature offers a lot of peace of mind to the car owner with its real-time tracking.

• Geo-Fencing: You can select a maximum of 5 boundary areas for your car and you will receive an alert if your car crosses any of these designated boundaries. You can further customise it by choosing a rectangular or circular boundary design.

• Navigate to Car: This is the feature that allows you to locate your car and navigate your way to where it is parked, which is quite a convenient solution for finding your car in large and crowded car parks.

• Location Sharing: Allow your loved ones to track your car in real-time and follow your car’s movements for a specified time period or trip.

3. Emergency Feature

Suzuki Connect is packed with a number of essential features that keep the safety of the people in the car paramount. Whether you are driving your car or are away from it, the Suzuki Connect system ensures that you are informed in case of an emergency.

• Emergency Alert: In case your vehicle has met with an accident and the airbags have deployed, the S-Connect will detect an emergency and send an automated message for help to your chosen contacts. This message is sent with your precise location as well.

• Preventive Function Call: In case an issue is detected by the Suzuki Connect system, you will be called immediately by NEXA’s customer care team who will arrange for immediate towing or technician support for the issue. Depending on the issue, you may also be informed about the nearest authorised service centre. Suzuki Connect analyses a number of parameters before arranging for this call. These parameters include, but are not limited to, the fuel filter warning light, engine oil pressure light, electric power steering light, engine cooling temperature light, airbag light, and brake system warning light.

• Car Assistance Call: Suzuki Connect has a red calling button that offers you an easy way of connecting to customer care for any assistance you may need, including technician or towing support.

4. Driving Behaviour Analysis

Suzuki Connect has a host of driving tools and functions that allow you to get a holistic picture of your driving style. This can help you drive better and save more fuel in the future.

• Fuel Efficiency Report: This showcases your car’s fuel consumption for single or multiple trips.

• Driver Behaviour: Get an analyse of your driving performance for single or multiple trips. This considers several parameters, like acceleration, braking, speed, etc.

• Driving Score: Using an algorithm based on some on-road parameters, Suzuki Connect will give your driving performance a score out of 100.

• Trip Details: Review your recent trips in greater detail.

• Trip Consolidation: Do a combined review of up to 10 trips for detailed statistics, distance covered, fuel efficiency, etc.

5. Live Vehicle Status

Suzuki Connect offers access to all the important information about your car at a single place.

• Vehicle Status: If your car is on a trip somewhere else, Suzuki Connect will give you information about the A/C being switched on, fuel levels, driver seatbelt status, and odometer reading. When the TRIP is OFF, Suzuki Connect will give you the ignition status, fuel level, battery charging status, and odometer reading.

Whether the trip status is on or off will be visible to you on the app dashboard. You can also choose to be alerted at the start and end of every trip.

• Manual Trip: You have the option to start or end your trip manually, which will add the data of all the auto-generated trips that happen during that period.

• Last Trip Summary: Consolidated information about the last trip.

6. Vehicle Alerts

Stay up to date with all the precise information about your vehicle with alerts. You will be notified about key driving parameters to allow you to take appropriate action.

• Low Fuel Alert: This alert can be based on a default limit or on a limit set by you.

• Tow Away Alert: If your car moves from the parking position while the ignition is off.

• AC Idling Start: If the A/C is on for a long duration while your car is idle.

• Wear Your Seatbelt Alert: Notification if the car is being driven without a seatbelt.

• Over Speeding Alert: Define a speed limit on the app and you will receive an alert every time the car crosses that threshold.

Suzuki Connect is a Telematics solution that has been designed keeping in mind the modern car owner and is full of features that ensure utmost ease.

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