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    How long does it take to receive the car?

    The subscribed car delivery usually takes 15 days from the time of booking, subject to timely collection of documents & verification, and vehicle availability. You will be kept updated at all stages of the process.

    How much do I need to pay for Subscription ?

    All prices are displayed on the website, and are inclusive of GST. Initially, you need to pay a security deposit for 1 month, a Subscription booking amount, 3 PDC's of 1 month rental each and 1 PDC of 3 months rental (on account of excess mileage) and advance lease Subscription fees. Thereafter, you have to pay the lease Subscription fee on a monthly basis to continue your Subscription.

    Is there any offer on Subscription charges?

    Offers on Subscription cars are subject to change. Prices shown on the website are indicative. Actual Subscription prices will be as per the car price and consumer offers at the time of invoicing.

    For how long can I subscribe the car?

    Our Subscription tenures are flexible for you to subscribe for a period of 12, 24, 36, or 48 months.

    To whom will be the car registered to?

    Your subscribed car will be registered in your name and leased by our subscription partner & hypothecated to ALD.

    What are the penalty charges for foreclosure and modification of tenure?

    The penalty charges on foreclosure and modifications are subject to your request and the stage of the Subscription journey you place it at. Please refer to the Policy Document (Customer Agreement) and T&Cs carefully to know more.

    Program Details

    What do you mean by "Lock In Period"?

    Lock-in period means the fixed non-cancellation period during which you are not permitted to cancel the Subscription. The Lock-in period for any tenure is 6 months.

    For how long can I subscribe a car?

    You can subscribe to a car for 12, 24, 36, or 48 months depending on your need.

    Can I extend my tenure?

    If you decide to extend the Subscription period while you are using the car, you will need to give a prior written request of 30 days to our subscription partner for the extension. Upon receipt of the request, our subscription partner shall ascertain the possibility of extension and communicate the same to you. If subscription partner confirms the availability of the vehicle for aforesaid extension, then you shall be required to pay revised Subscription fee as advised by subscription partner for the additional term.

    What does the Subscription include?

    Subscription will include-

    Vehicle usage for the selected tenure and will be inclusive of the below:

    -Zero Dep Insurance (Maruti Insurance)

    -Maintenance Expenses - Scheduled and Unscheduled through MSIL Dealership

    -Roadside Assistance (2 per year, No pick up)

    How it Works

    When can I return the car? And what if I want to return my car within the usage period?

    The Lock-in period for a Brand New Car is 6 months.

    Termination Charges

    1. Foreclosure before Lock-in period - Rental to be paid up to end of Lock-in period

    2. Foreclosure after Lock-in period - As per Optiflex chart of ALD

    Can I terminate the Subscription after Lock-in Period ?

    Yes, you can terminate the Subscription and surrender the vehicle after Lock-in period by giving an advance written notice of 30 days. Minimal termination charges will apply in this case.

    Can I acquire the car from you after some months of use?

    Yes, you can buy the car. It will be considered as a premature termination & hence you will need to pay the foreclosure amount. The vehicle will then be available at MRV.

    What if I want to change my car model after using it for some months?

    You can upgrade your vehicle at the end of your lock-in period at the price and terms prevailing at that time. Termination charges as per Optiflex chart will be applicable.


    Am I eligible?

    Yes, if you have a valid driving license & PAN card. Eligibility is further determined by a number of different risk factors. Credit factors are also considered. We also accept joint applications where both applicants will need to qualify for the Subscription.

    How long will it take to get the car?

    Car delivery usually takes up to 20 days from the time of booking, subject to the timely collection of documents, verification, and availability. You will be kept informed at all the stages in the case of any changes or unforeseen delays.

    What if I want to cancel the booking after the payment on advance rental and security deposit?

    You can cancel the booking provided that the vehicle has not been retailed or registered by the dealer.

    Do I need to be physically present for taking the delivery?

    Yes, the person whose driving license and ID proof was provided to us (while placing the booking) needs to be present for delivery. A checklist for the car needs to be signed at the time of taking the delivery of the car.


    What are the various modes of payments which I can use to pay the monthly rentals?

    ECS Mandate.

    What do I need to pay to get the car?

    Security Deposit (One Month Rent) + One month advance rental. 3 PDC's of 1 month rental each and 1 PDC of 3 months rental (on account of excess mileage). The Subscription Fee is inclusive of Goods & Services Tax (GST) and/or such other indirect taxes and cess.

    What do I need to pay while using the car?

    You will need to pay the Subscription fees by 1st of every month in advance. At the end of your contract, you will also have to pay any charges caused by negligent driving or excess Km charges, if any.

    When do I need to pay the monthly subscription fee

    You will need to pay the Subscription Fee to ALD on monthly basis on or before 5th day of every month during Subscription period or additional term, as the case may be.

    How will payment work?

    We will set up an automatic debit mechanism on your bank account - this automatic debit will happen only as long as you are using the car. We will cancel the automatic debit once you return the car.

    What are the charges in case of damages?

    There are no charges in case of damages unless there is found to be a case of negligent driving.

    What is negligent driving

    Any case in which the insurance company rejects payment of damages due to irresponsible driving comes under negligent driving. E.g. drunk driving, minor driving, driving without license at the time of mishap.

    What are the charges in case of late payment?

    Interest rate of 2% per month will be charged.

    What about the insurance & disallowance ?

    Insurance & filing charges of the vehicle will be done by ALD. These charges are included in the Subscription fee.

    Who will pay for tolls, parking, inter-state taxes & fines/challans?

    All toll, parking, interstate taxes and fines/challans will be borne by you. Fastag for the vehicle will be procured by the service provider. But recharge of Fastag to be done by you.

    Usage and Maintenance

    Can I share my car with someone and split costs ?

    Please treat it as your own car. But please remember that you will continue to be liable for the car (and all associated incidents) even when someone else is driving it. Also, this excludes commercial usage of car (e.g., using it as a taxi, or sub-renting it), which is not allowed. Please refer to the Agreement for the terms of usage of the car.

    Is there limit on kms driven?

    Your Subscription comes with Mileage options of 10000/15000/20000/25000 km per annum - the accumulated Kms for the tenure subscribed. For any extra Kms driven beyond the accumulated Kms, applicable charges would be applied.

    Who will take care of the maintenance of car?

    ALD will take care of the maintenance of the car provided there is no negligence in usage of the car.

    For the purpose of maintenance, negligent driving includes:

    1. Minor driving

    2. Overloading

    3. Commercial usage

    4. Drunk driving

    5. Violating any traffic rule as per RTO

    6. Driving beyond Indian geographical area

    7. Not maintaining car as per standard PMS schedule

    Maintenance of the vehicle will be done at MSIL authorized workshops and will be fitted with MGP only.

    What is included in maintenance?

    All maintenance which is part of regular wear and tear, and anything that arises out of non-negligent driving.

    What to do if the car breaks down or meets with an accident ?

    We wish you a safe drive and hope you never have to go through this! However, in this unfortunate event, please notify ALD immediately and we will guide you through the entire process. We will coordinate with the roadside assistance and insurance. Unless unavoidable, please do not leave the place of the accident until proper support has arrived. You may be required to file/sign formality documents associated with the accident.

    What if I am required to repair the car because the car is far away from the city in which I have originally subscribed to the car?

    In such a case, you can have the car repaired from a manufacturer authorized workshop and cover the bills of repairs but please ensure bills are issued in the name of ALD. You will need to submit the original invoice to our representative. We will verify the authenticity of this invoice and repairs and if found in order, we will reimburse the cost incurred by you within 7 days of receipt of invoice. Subject to prior intimation and approval from ALD.

    Will ALD provide roadside assistance too?

    As a subscriber, 2 instances of Roadside Assistance for each year are provided under this Subscription plan.

    Are the towing and roadside assistance charges included in case of accidents ?

    Yes, towing charges are included in case of accidents and roadside assistance required due to manufacturing defects. The remaining charges are to be borne by customer only.

    What services are not covered for free by Roadside Assistance?

    Towing to the nearest workshop within the registered city, any immediate roadside fixes like Jumpstart, Tyre pressure etc. are the only services covered under roadside assistance. The below roadside assistance faults will be charged to the customer:

    i. Retrieval of key locked inside the car

    ii. Tyre puncture

    iii. Fuel arrangement and filling

    iv. Jobs related to externally-fitted CNG/LPG kits.

    What am I suppose to do in case of Accident involving third party damage or bodily injury to third person or causing death of third person?

    You shall, within 24 hours, notify ALD of the occurrence of accident of the Vehicle with details thereof and lodge a complaint/First Information Report with the nearest police station. In case of an accident involving damage to the vehicle or third party property damage or involving bodily injury to third person, you shall furnish to ALD following details and shall, if required, appear before the Court or any other authority to give evidence thereof:

    (a) Date, time, and place of accident;

    (b) The license plate numbers of any other vehicles involved, their make and year, their identification number (serial number), and the insurance certificate's number (with name, address and phone number of the insurance agent);

    (c) The names, addresses, and driver's license numbers of the persons involved in the incident;

    (d) The name, address, and driver's license number of the owner of the vehicle (if he or she is not the driver);

    (e) The name, addresses, and phone number of witnesses, passengers, and any other involved persons;

    (f) Circumstances of the accident describing immediate surrounding environment and the Vehicle position prior to the accident; and

    (g) A police report is required regardless of liability or fault. You shall specify in your detailed written complaint to the police the actual facts only. You shall ensure that such complaint shall not contain any discrepancy, inconsistencies or distortions from actual facts as the same would be detrimental to a valid insurance or other claim by ALD. Any loss occasioned to ALD due to a discrepant, inconsistent or distorted complaint by you shall be borne by you.

    What happens in case the car gets stolen?

    You shall immediately notify us via email on """" of the occurrence of theft of the car with details thereof and lodge a complaint/First Information Report with the nearest police station. Your liability, incase of theft, would be the difference between the booking value and insurance settlement amount or entire Book Value due to negligence.

    What condition do I need to return the car in?

    Normal wear and tear is acceptable. Anything over and above would be chargeable and ALD/MSIL Dealer decision will be final. Please refer to ALD user guide.