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Get set for countless impromptu plans and Live It Up with the S-PRESSO now with enhanced S-CNG. Experience the true joy of driving without compromising on fuel efficiency.

The stylish S-PRESSO comes with a powerful Next Gen K Series engine that lets you enjoy the true thrill of driving with its powerful performance enabling you to drive far and beyond.

This SUV-inspired hatchback comes with 8 variant options; Std Mt, LXi MT, VXi MT, VXi+ MT, VXi(0) AGS, VXi+(0) AGS, LXi CNG MT, VXi CNG MT. While the Std MT and LXi MT deliver a fuel economy of 24.12 km/l*, VXi MT, VXi+ MT deliver a fuel economy of 24.76 km/l* and VXi(0) AGS, VXi+(0) AGS deliver 25.30 km/l*. The S-CNG variant (LXi CNG MT, VXi CNG MT), on the other hand, delivers a fuel efficiency of 32.73 km/kg*.


Maruti Suzuki S-PRESSO Mileage


Fuel Type Variant ARAI Mileage
Petrol Std MT, LXi MT 24.12 km/l*
Petrol VXi MT, VXi+ MT 24.76 km/l*
Petrol VXi(O) AGS, VXi+(O) AGS 25.30 km/l*
CNG LXI MT, VXI MT 32.73 km/kg*

*All the mentioned Maruti Suzuki S-PRESSO mileage figures are certified by the Test Agency under Rule 115 (G) of CMVR 1989.


01. General

1. What is the official ARAI certified mileage of the Maruti Suzuki S-Presso?

  • The Maruti Suzuki S-Presso has an impressive mileage of 24.12 km/l* (Std MT, LXI MT), 24.76 km/l* (VXI MT, VXI+ MT), 25.30 km/l* (VXI (O) AGS, VXI+ (O) AGS) for petrol variant and 32.73 km/kg* for CNG variant.
  • *As certified by the Test Agency Under Rule 115 (G) of CMVR 1989

2. How can I get the best mileage from my Maruti Suzuki S-Presso?

  • You can follow these tips below to increase the fuel efficiency of your Maruti Suzuki S-Presso:
    • Get your car serviced at regular intervals.
    • Maintain optimum tyre pressure.
    • Follow the recommended gear ratios while driving.
    • Avoid sudden acceleration and braking.
    • Turn off the ignition at longer halts at traffic lights.

3. Is there any rating associated with petrol fuel that I should know about?

  • Yes. Petrol has an Octane rating (RON number) associated with it. It is a standard measure of a fuel's ability to withstand compression in an internal combustion engine. To check the recommended RON number for your Maruti Suzuki S-Presso, please refer to your car’s user manual.


by owners

03 reviews

Krish Dewan

“I own the Maruti Suzuki S-PRESSO VXI+ variant and the car gives me a good fuel efficiency along with a smooth performance. ”

Abha Garg

“I bought the S-PRESSO LXI variant and I am in love with the space, driving experience, and fuel efficiency of this car. ”

Lucky Jain

“Buying the S-PRESSO was one of the best decisions taken by me. The car gives an amazing mileage which means lesser number of fuel refills in a given month. ”

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