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price list

Price list

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You have scored 0 points and can receive up to INR 0 discount at the time of your car purchase. Click the button below to save your points using your mobile number.


You can score up to 10,000 points in this contest. Click here to know the touchpoints which can help you score more.

About Event

Exploring our website could get you big discounts on your car purchase. Visit our website, earn points and receive up to INR 1000 discount at the time of car purchase from the Arena dealership in Bengaluru.

Scoring grid

Events Points Scored
Time Spent on the Website 1 Min :
3 Min+ :
Personalize your car 1000
Shared Personal Details using forms 1000
Downloaded Brochure 1000
Book the Car Online using E-Booking 1000
Generated Loan Offer from Maruti Suzuki Smart Finance 1000
Visit Subscribe Page 1000
Visit Accessories Page 1000

Frequently Asked Questions

  • I am from Bengaluru and not able to participate?

    Please ensure you have allowed the location tracking for the website To verify, please visit your Browser Settings, Search for Site Settings and check status of the Location setting for the website Select Allow to track. Once done, you will be able to see the Explore To Earn widget.

  • For how many days will the event run?

    The event will run for 8 days, starting from 24th Dec, 2021 till 31st Dec, 2021

  • How many points can I earn?

    you can earn maximum 10000 (Ten Thousand ) points

  • How much discount would I get?

    You can get a maximum INR 1000. As every 10 Points = INR 1

  • Can I get a discount outside Bengaluru?

    No. The discount is only applicable for dealerships in Bengaluru.

  • Can I get a discount on the car service or accessories?

    The discount is applicable only on new car purchases from a Arena dealership in Bengaluru.

  • Until when the discount is valid?

    The discount is valid up to 31st March, 2022

  • Can I get a discount on Maruti Suzuki cars in Bengaluru?

    You can avail the discount only in Arena dealerships in Bengaluru.

  • Can I apply 2 discounts in a single purchase?

    Discount accumulated against only one mobile number can be used to purchase a new car.

  • If I repeat the touchpoints, will I still get the points?

    You earn points only for unique touch points as per the grid. Click here to see the grid.

  • How to get points for Smart Finance – Loan Offer?

    You can earn 2000 points for – Loan Offer after you access Loan offers post filling all your personal details. Click here

  • Location: This is a promotional event for all the people who would be buying a new car from dealers in Bengaluru. Please ensure you have allowed to track location. If not, please check your browser settings and Allow the same.

  • Points: An Individual can score a maximum of 10000 (Ten Thousand) points after completing the touch points covered in the program. Click here to know about the touchpoints covered.

  • Calculation Logic: Only the points earned by the user for unique touchpoints can be used for the discount. User will have to save his points after completing the touch points for accrual.

  • Points to Discount Conversion: Maximum discount one can get is INR 1000 after scoring 10000 (Ten Thousand) points.

  • Validity: The discount can only be availed before 31st March 2022.

  • Redemption: Points can only be redeemed at the dealership in Bengaluru and not in any other city of India at the time of invoicing.

  • Participation: The person can redeem points only once in the entire duration of the campaign. Once redeemed, the person cannot participate again in the event.

  • Identity: The discount will be linked with the mobile number of the user.

  • Duplicate Identity: If the user registers from a different mobile number, the points accumulated on both numbers cannot be clubbed. You can redeem discounts only from one mobile number.

General Terms & Conditions :Please read these terms and conditions carefully. By accessing this site and any pages thereof, you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions below, in addition to terms applicable to Auto Card Loyalty Program. Usage of any Maruti Web Site indicates unconditional acceptance of these terms.