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Corporate leasing

The new way to do business.

Maruti Suzuki Leasingfor corporates is a versatile mobility service that enables business entities to lease cars from Maruti Suzuki’s vibrant portfolio of vehicles, on flexible terms.


Corporates need fleet of cars for various business applications such as managing mobility for company officials, field staff and logistical requirements. Maruti Suzuki Leasing is the perfect solution for these business necessities:

  • Well Maintained Staff Cars for Senior Management

  • Perk Cars for Eligible Employees

  • Employee Transport for Field Workforce

  • Logistics and business Requirements

CHOOSE Maruti Suzuki Leasing,


  • Corporate Benefits Fully outsourced fleet solutions Reliable services across length and breadth of the country Freedom to focus on core business activities
  • Financial Benefits Competitive fixed monthly lease rentals Long term accurate budgeting, foreseeable running costs Reduced administration & operational overheads
  • Convenience Benefits Complete fleet care Value added services Chauffeur management services and vehicle tracking facilities on demand

Maruti Suzuki Leasing, the business edge that you are looking for!

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