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NEXA gives you an exclusive automotive experience, incorporating a modern and technology aided sophisticated environment. It is set to be a class apart.

  • Baleno Baleno Plus

    Baleno - Made of Mettle

    The premium hatchback Baleno has a powerful stance, iconic body & innovative features. Its liquid flow design gives it highly defined curves and powerful styling with a low flowing silhouette.

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  • Ciaz Ciaz Plus

    Ciaz – Challenge the Unchallenged

    The unchallenged winner with best in class luxury seating, space, a hybrid engine and a host of safety features.

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  • S-cross S-cross Plus

    S-Cross – Designed to Dominate

    The premium crossover that combines the comfort and luxury of a sedan along with the power and performance of an SUV.

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  • Ignis Ignis Plus

    Ignis – None of a Kind

    A premium urban compact hatchback with unconventional design and personal styling that create a unique identity.

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