More, more, more Swift
A story of passion
The Swift wasn’t born in 2005. It was inspired, from some of the world’s most famous performance machines. Like the
Suzuki Hayabusa 1300R, created as the world’s fastest production motorcycle.

It had an uncommon evolution. From the first concept car, the GSX R4 to the concept S, then the concept S2, a disruptive open-top convertible, to the global launch of the radically-styled Swift.

What followed were numerous awards, accolades and a huge club of die-hard fans. The Swift was applauded by one and all. Now, after six years at the top, it’s time to take this passion to a whole new level.

One can’t have enough of the New Swift that makes it unmistakeably more Swift. It has more attitude, more style, more sportiness, more performance and it’s more premium. Its form and feel inspire even more passion and excitement.
Even before you get behind the wheel, you’ll agree the
New Swift is ‘More Swift’ than ever before. Just so many more reasons to join the Swift fan club.