Terms and Conditions

If any defect(s) is found in the Maruti vehicle within the extended warranty coverage period in electrical/ mechanical part, Marutis only obligation is to repair or replace at its sole discretion any part shown to be defective, with a new part or the equivalent at no cost to the owner for parts or labour subject to the following terms & condition.

1. Extended warranty Registration form & certificate of extended warranty registration

The Extended warranty registration form & the certificate of extended warranty registration forms a part of contract between Maruti and the owner of the extended warranty of the vehicle as per the details mentioned on the extended warranty certificate.

2. Limitations

  1. The vehicle must not have been used for competition or racing.
  2. The vehicle must not have met with accident.
  3. The vehicle must not have been modified or altered, including without limitation, the installation of performance accessories.
  4. The vehicle must not have been fitted with any parts or accessories not approved by Maruti.
  5. The vehicle must not have been assembled, disassembled, adjusted or repaired by other than authorized dealer/ service station.
  6. The vehicle must not have been used for purpose other than what it was designed.
  7. Any damage or deterioration caused by industrial pollution and bird droppings.
  8. Insignificant defects which do not affect the function of the vehicle including without limitation, sound, vibration and fluid seep etc.
  9. Any natural wear & tear including without limitation, aging etc.
  10. Vehicle externally fitted with LPG & CNG kits can not be covered under extended warranty.
  11. In case LPG/ CNG is company fitted the vehicle can be covered under extended warranty.

3. Disclaimer of Consequential Damage

Maruti assumes no responsibility for loss of vehicle, loss of time, inconvenience or any other indirect incidental or consequential damage resulting from the vehicle not being available to the owner because of any defect covered by this warranty.
List of Components not covered :
This is limited list of important items not covered.

  1. Normal maintenance service required, including without limitation, oil and fluid changes headlight aiming, fastener retightening, wheel balancing, wheel alignment and tyre rotation, cleaning of injectors, adjustment of carburetor, ignition timing, clutch and valve clearance.
  2. The replacement of normal wear parts including without limitation, bulbs, battery, tyres, tubes, spark plugs, brake linings. Internal parts of break master cylinder, belts, hoses, filters, wiper blades and brushes.
  3. Any seals and Gasket replaced or refitted as part of normal-schedules.
  4. Clutch, radiator, catalytic converter, muffler and differential backlash under any circumstances.
  5. Humming noise in any component.
  6. Replacement of timing belts as per recommended interval.
  7. Trims, wheel rim, rubber parts, tyres & tubes, glass machine, all body parts etc.
  8. Any repair or replacement required as a result of accident or collision.
  9. Paintwork, bodywork and mouldings, water entry into the vehicle, corrosion of body parts, glass, lenses, lock cylinder & key & interior trims.

4. How to make a claim

In the event of the occurrence of the breakdown the owner must:

Owners warranty responsibility

  1. The vehicle must have been serviced as per guidelines in the service manual from authorized dealer/ Maruti authorized servicestation.
  2. Make certain the extended warranty registration was completed at the time of applying for extended warranty.
  3. Make certain that the Maruti authorized dealer/ service station performing the service inspection has certified the work on the 'Maintenance Service Record' page in the Maruti Owners manual and Service Booklet.
  4. Present the Maruti Owners Manual and Service Booklet to the authorized Maruti dealer whenever requesting service inspections or warranty service.
  5. If the 'Owners Manual and Service Booklet' should be lost or destroyed, the owner should consult the authorized Maruti dealer from whom the vehicle was purchased for instruction concerning replacement of the 'Owners manual and the Service Booklet'.