Maruti Suzuki runs a large nationwide road safety programme that focusses on providing scientific driving training and generating awareness amongst masses. The company has developed two major models for imparting driving skills to existing and new drivers:

  • Institutes of Driving and Traffic Research (IDTRs): These are large-scale driving training institutes set up on areas as large as 10 acres. Established in partnership with the Government, the institutes offer training to passenger and commercial vehicle drivers. Scientifically designed driving tracks and simulators are used for practical training. An additional component of health check-ups and soft skills training is also offered for commercial vehicle drivers. Trained and certified instructors undertake theory and practical sessions. The company has set up six IDTRs so far.
  • Maruti Driving Schools (MDSs): A smaller format of training schools, these have been set up in partnership with dealers. MDS offers training for driving passenger vehicles only. The training curriculum at the MDS is the same as that at the IDTRs, except that the practical driving training is imparted on actual road instead of test tracks. About 50% of MDS trainees are women. In 2013-14, 44 new MDS were added taking the total number of MDS to 321.

The company has established Road Safety Knowledge Centres (RSKC) in partnership with Haryana Traffic Police to promote road safety in cities. The RSKC are managed by IDTR. Presently, there are seven RSKC functional in Haryana. Over 1.5 lakh traffic violators and learner license applicants were given trainings on road safety and traffic rules in 2013-14.

In 2013-14, the company signed MoU with National Minorities Development and Finance Corporation (NMDFC) or (NSFDC)) for training of economically weak youths belonging to the minority communities. Nearly 3,300 youths were enrolled for training.

In 2013-14, over 40,000 drivers transporting Maruti Suzuki vehicles attended driving training sessions at Driver Education Centres, located within the factory premises in Manesar and Gurgaon. Besides, 7,050 drivers were trained at IDTR. In March 2014, a week-long safety campaign "Jagriti" for drivers was also conducted. More than 2,500 drivers participated in this event. The Jagriti programme covered general health check-up, eye check-up, distribution of spectacles, HIV testing and counselling. The company also rewards drivers with excellent track record of damage free and timely vehicles delivery. In 2013-14, 150 Star Drivers were felicitated.

In 2013-14, over 4.49 lakh people were trained in safe driving taking the cumulative number of people trained so far to 1.9 million.