Maruti Suzuki brings global ECSTAR brand to India

ECSTAR product range to offer highest level of performance

New Delhi, September 29, 2017: Maruti Suzuki India today launched ECSTAR, Suzuki’s global brand of lubricants, coolant and car care products in India. Initially, the Company will offer ECSTAR to its customers at the newly launched NEXA Service workshops. Progressively, the ECSTAR product range will be offered at the Company’s full service network of over 3,000 workshops across the country.

ECSTAR, the brand of high-performance engine oil and coolant and chemical products, was launched by Maruti Suzuki’s parent Suzuki Motor Corporation, Japan in 1984. In 2015, SMC promoted ECSTAR as a global brand of high quality products. At present, the ECSTAR brand is widely marketed across Europe, America, Mexico, Australia and South East Asia.

Introducing ECSTAR range of products to customers, Managing Director and CEO of Maruti Suzuki, Mr. Kenichi Ayukawa said, “On our journey of transformation we have been bringing a range of new models and technologies. To ensure optimum performance of these new technologies we are now bringing a range of Suzuki global engine oils and lubricants. These products have undergone rigorous testing under extreme conditions. They offer great peace of mind to customers.”

Initiatives like ECSTAR will help the Company keep pace with the evolving engine technology as well as environment care.

ECSTAR engine oil has the optimal formulation for lubrication and a cooling effect, to ensure the cars deliver the highest level of performance.

The blend of high performance synthetic base oil additives contributes to ESCTAR's superiority over ordinary engine oils, and ensures a remarkable engine performance.

ECSTAR oil goes through rigorous tests to ensure good performance in all conditions. Some of the tests include:

High speed and full power tests (to evaluate oil performance under high shear and high thermal load conditions); deposit test (to evaluate influence of deposits formed on various engine parts) and friction test and brake specific fuel consumption or BSFC mapping (to measure friction loss behavior and efficiency improvement).

The range of ECSTAR products will be procured from select local suppliers here. These suppliers will undergo stringent tests to qualify their products to be included under ECSTAR umbrella.

To begin with, the range of ECSTAR products includes Injector cleaner, automatic transmission oil, underbody coat and screen wash for the cars. More products will be added to the ECSTAR range in India progressively.

    Why ECSTAR?

    ECSTAR is the best choice for Maruti Suzuki engines, as it is developed specifically to deliver:

  • - Reduced friction
  • - Protection of engine components
  • - Enhanced engine cleanliness
  • - Best performance in conjunction with Maruti Suzuki hardware
  • - Superior performance

    Validation of ECSTAR

  • Engine oil goes through more than 20 stringent tests with over 8,000 hours at the engine level and 160,000 kms of vehicle level testing to qualify for ECSTAR brand

    Advantages of ECSTAR

  • Fuel savings: The genuine formulation creates high performance and meets the severest fuel economy standards for Suzuki engines.

  • Outstanding engine protection: The innovative lubricating technology achieves thermal stability, which delivers the ultimate engine protection even when starting engine in cold climates.

  • Clean engine for longer life: Cleaning performance extends the engine life by preventing sludge and deposits. The engine stays trouble-free.