More mileage, more fun

Drive between 45 and 55 kmph.

It has been established by trials that you can get up to 40% extra mileage at 40 kmph as compared to 80 kmph.

Avoid accelerating or decelerating unnecessarily.

Incorrect gearshifts can lead to as much as 20% increase in fuel consumption. It does not matter whether it is a petrol or diesel car.

For city driving, change to a higher gear when you are sure that the engine will not have to struggle.

Get into top gear as soon as possible.

Check wheels for free rotation when your car is being serviced. Binding brakes restrict free wheel movement and the engine consumes more petrol in order to overcome resistance. The law applies even if you compare petrol cars vs diesel cars.

Riding the clutch causes loss of energy and damages the clutch lining.

You can save as much as 6% fuel by regularly tuning your car. If your engine emits black or dark grey smoke, it has poor pulling power or consumes large quantities of oil. Have it checked immediately at an authorized service station.

Your air filter prevents air from fouling the engine. Dust causes rapid wear of engine components and increases fuel consumption.

Make sure that the fuel tank cap has a good rubber seal.

Unnecessary loads increase fuel consumption. A reduction of weight by about 50 kg can lead to a 2% saving in fuel, when driving in the city. Lighten your load even if your car is claimed to be the most fuel efficient petrol car in India.

Under inflated tyres increase rolling resistance, this leads to higher fuel consumption faster wears of tyres at the sides, whether it is a petrol or diesel car.