Me and my Maruti
Me and my Maruti

Me & My Maruti

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For three decades now, Maruti has been the way of our lives. Most of us have grown up seeing our fathers caressing a Maruti in the drive way, every morning. Most of us have rushed to examination centers with our fathers in a Maruti. In college, many of us must have sneaked the family Maruti car out at night for a drive with that special someone. Maruti, for an Indian, is all about memories. So, here we give you a chance to pen down the experiences and memories of you and your Maruti. Go down the memory lane and tell us about those lovely moments.

Amit Gupta
Me and my Maruti

Amit Gupta's Grand Father's Maruti 800

Car was owned by my late grand father Nobody was allowed to drive it, keys always rested with him. Then I decided to buy a new Maruti for myself and now i call myself a proud owner of a Maruti 800. Whenever I miss my grand father, I go and sit in my car and I can feel his arms around me.

Piyush Jain
Me and my Maruti

Piyush Jain's drive to Bangalore

I had a road trip to Bangalore with my sister. I remember the road trip in my Maruti 800 and it was a beautiful climate and we were rocking ourselves in the car. We didn't realize when we reached Bangalore and when we left and when we reached Chennai back.

Dr. Colin Desa

Dr. Colin Desa's Poem for WagonR

My Darling Wagon R
I loved this little Car so much,
I'd get annoyed if anyone would touch.
All around people would say she was Boxy,
But to me she was truly very sexy.
In the city her drive was light and humble,
But on highways she would give a little rumble.
When she would go that extra mile,
It gave me a huge smile.
You very truly a piece of Art

Pradeep Sharma

Pradeep Sharma

Purchased my new Maruti Swift VXi on 11-11-11. When I drove it, it gave mileage of 20+ on highway. I am really surprised by the performance of my sweet Swift. It gave the mileage of 20+ on highway.

Nevin Sharma

Shimla tour - Nevin Sharma

I remember my days when I got my first Maruti Suzuki. It was March 2010 - Shimla Tour with friends and my cool Maruti Suzuki Ritz. Loved the time when shining Ritz drove on wet roads. I never forget those true moments with my friends & my favorite Ritz. I live the moment.

Afaq Khan

Afaq Khan's road trip to Panchmadi

Panchmadi Trip - My Friends and My WagonR. The car had amazing power. Ran easily in zigzag ways while we took short brakes for tea and coffee. Drove to top of Satpura Mountains with lot of enjoyment. At top of Satpura Mountains in 20 mins.

Shree Ram

Shree Ram's Rocky drive to Shimla

I am a loyal maruti fan & appreciate it. 10 years back I went to a trip to Shimla with my family. At one point, I crossed a pond of water with heavy stones My wife was not able to look into my eyes as she was so impressed. I felt i won the world and it was only because of Maruti 800.

Shibaji Basu

Shibaji Basu's love lifea

Bought in 2007 and still driving with the same pride. Once I took Payal, my girl friend for a joy ride. My love life was secret and I decided that today I would confess about my feelings , so I moved straight towards her house and eventually turned my girl friend's mom into my mother-in-law". Brand new delivered car was looking bright and was drawing attention and Payal was on the front seat and my mother-in-law to be was standing on the main door with a strange look towards the car and me. My brand new Alto helped me gain confidence in front of my in-laws. Thanks to my car , that boosted my confidence at a tough time.