About Us

Maruti Suzuki & Road Safety

Leadership has its own responsibilities. We are committed to making India’s roads safer. It's just something that we feel is important for the nation, that made us India’s favourite car company.


India has among the highest accident rates in the world. While the infrastructural and societal reasons are abound, the principal cause of concern are the poorly trained drivers and improper road etiquette. We knew that if we wanted to make a difference, in a meaningful way, it had to start with educating drivers. And so, we took them back to school.

Under the aegis of the National Road Safety Mission, we started 2 institutes to impart driving training to new as well as existing drivers in Maruti Suzuki cars.

Maruti Driving Schools (MDS)

Opened in association with our dealer network, MDS is where we provide world-class driving training to those who want to drive with confidence. Inculcating global best practices, learning at MDS includes Classroom and Attitudinal Training. Advanced simulators create on-road driving situations so that the learners get a first-hand feel of the road before they actually drive. Special initiatives include lady instructors for women learners. Today, there are over 421 schools setup nationwide, and we have already helped more than 6.5 lakh drivers get more confident and better.

Institute of Driving Training and Research (IDTR)

IDTR was set up with Government collaboration as a private-public partnership. For the first time, driving was taught using scientifically-designed test tracks and driving simulators. Films were created to make learners aware of the behavioral aspects of driving, imparted through classes that catered to both light and heavy vehicle drivers. After the success of the first IDTR, many state governments came forward with a proposal for an IDTR in their state. Today, IDTR-certified commercial drivers are sought after and easily employable.

Through MDS and IDTR, we have already trained over 17 lakh drivers, of which 1.55 lakh are from economically weaker sections. And this is just the beginning.