SMARTPLAY is a touchscreen infotainment system with 7" WVGA TFT display. Select songs, albums and artists
as you speak. SMARTPLAY is tuned for you behind the wheel. This also features bluetooth connectivity.


Be touched by
an impressive performance.
From Speakout n' play to auxiliary device,
SMARTPLAY has rich capability for media.
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Multi-source selection:

You may run out of road, but never out of entertainment.


Tune into the best that lets you preset up to 18 radio stations, with an integrated multifunction console.

Accessing Media

An intuitive interface allows you to access everything from the steering wheel too.

Intuitive Playback Management:

The centre of the screen launches quick selections with just a tap.


Be touched by
an impressive performance.
Pair your smartphone for access of
connections and collections
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Smartphone Display on Head Unit:

From network reception to missed calls, are displayed. Call switching facility is available too.

Voice Control System:

Your voice can control everything you need. You can preset commands for certain function too.

Compatiable with iOS via Apple CarPlay
and with Andriod via MirrorLink.


Access your Smartphone
Once connected with USB, you can touch and access apps on your smartphone
directly on the display.
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Click here to check the compatibility of your android phone Click here to check available apps

MirrorLink Car Mode:

Connecting your Smartphone via MirrorLink gives your SMARTPLAY full access. Makes things a lot easier.

Apple CarPlay:

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Map Update


Touch, Tap or Talk
to stay ahead
The customized maps of India include several popular points of interest,
including Maruti Suzuki Service Centres.
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Starting navigation:

Ensure the SD card is in the card slot, it contains the navigation data.


Set favourite destinations and search for points of interest for easy use.


This feature gives you destinations by state, city, house or even street number.
*Available only in some cities.

Geo Co-ordinates:

Latitude and longitude travel is possible.

Select a Point of Interest:

Pre-loaded points are available as destinations.

Active Route Guidance:

The map view offers various options and can be accessed at a touch, displaying important information including street, distance and ETA.

Customising Route Guidance:

You can choose your preferences of routes – shortest, fastest or optimized.


Touch, Tap or Talk
to stay ahead
Available in Google Play and Apple Store, you can turn your smartph
one into a remote control for SMARTPLAY to easily switch between media sources, radio stations or simply control the volume.