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MAPcare UPgradation

(The Map update is valid only for Car’s with SLDA devices)
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  • Detailed Instructions


VIN Number
SD Card Map Data
Smart Play Device

Serial Number Check:

Verify the infotainment system number by tapping the settings and scroll to the bottom of the list for the 17-digit serial number.

*Note: Incorrect serial number will allow you to download the map update but the update will not work on your device.

Map Data Version Check:

  • After inserting the SD card, using windows explorer open the folders on the card.
  • Open the info.txt file located in the CRYPTNAV folder.
  • Worm, the second entry from the top, contains information on the current version.

Map Data Download:

Enter the serial number. Post that you will be allowed to download the link and data onto your PC.

*Note: Due to the file size, the link creation and download process might take a few minutes.

Copying files onto the SD card:

Delete all the data on the SD card without formatting it and extract the data on the SD card using a standard zip tool.


Safely remove the SD card from the PC and insert it into the infotainment system.

*Note: Make sure the SD card with the updated map works with your SmartPlay device before deleting the file from your PC.