About Us

Manufacturing Facilities

7 process shops. 5 assembly lines. Around 1,700 robots. 3 stages of inspection. Takes just 12 hours to make one car. And we make one car every 12 seconds. In fact, one more is ready just as you finish reading this line.

It is manufacturing excellence quite at another level. The magnitude becomes clear when you realise that Kaizen, our philosophy of continuous improvement, has created a 'zero-compromise' quality culture not just for one car or two, but for over 1 million cars we turn out every year.

Maruti Suzuki vehicles are made through 'Green Manufacturing' processes. All our power plants use natural gas. We discharge Zero waste outside factory premises. In FY 2011-12, a total of 12,34,767 cubic meters water was recycled and reused.

Just a few more reasons why there are millions of delighted Indians driving our cars, with complete peace of mind.

Our Gurgaon Facility

This is where it all began, where the first Maruti 800 rolled out. One that Mr. Harpal Singh drives to date. A shining example of our manufacturing and product quality.

Spread over 300-acres, the Gurgaon Plant has 25% area dedicated as green area. This plant turns out 9 lakh cars every year. An advanced K-Series engine assembly has already produced over 10 lakh advanced K-Series.

Our Manesar Facility

One of Asia's most advanced auto hubs, the Manesar Plant spreads over 600 acres and houses 3 fully-integrated plants, with an annual capacity of 5.5 lakh cars.

At Manesar, our JV Suzuki Powertrain India Ltd is manufacturing world-class diesel engines. Currently at 3 lakh engines per year, plans are underway to up production. To turn out 7 lakh diesel cars annually.