Life at MSIL

This is the car company that leads the Indian auto industry and defines the way India drives on the quality and competence of its people. It’s a great place to discover all that you can be, and maximize your potential.

From a work culture that provides genuinely equal opportunities, a sense of team spirit that goes right down to a common lunchroom, to a feeling of oneness as senior managers and their teams sit together in an open, wall-free environment- Maruti Suzuki offers an uncommon place to work and excel.

We are fast and flexible, resilient and responsive, as well as decisive and responsible. It is a place where your voice will be heard and valued.

Across history, the people have made Maruti Suzuki a company ready to meet the challenges of the dynamic auto market. We value discipline and punctuality, and obsess over maintaining a safe and healthy work environment. Maruti Suzuki recruitment drives have chosen people with an obsession to delight customers, and we leave them free to take decisions in complex situations.

Beyond the work place, the company creates ample opportunities for growth, sports and adventure – from motorsport to social volunteering with communities – the entire gamut helps give an all round perspective of life.

If your ambition is to make a mark in the Indian auto industry, there can be no better platform than to start with a Maruti Suzuki job.