About Us


First, we made excellence, quality, technology and reliability a Way of Life. Then, we took it to other lands and people. They too, were delighted and asked for more Maruti Suzuki cars.


Australia, Indonesia, France, even Italy. The next time you travel overseas, you’d be in for a pleasant surprise - the roaring motors zipping down the streets will be from the latest Maruti Suzuki cars. Today, Maruti Suzuki exports cars to over 125 countries. Among them are the highly competitive and mature European auto markets like the Netherlands, Germany, France, Italy and UK- a testament to our product quality and manufacturing capabilities maintained across all Maruti Suzuki cars. The industry has acknowledged our efforts in building and sustaining new international markets with the Business World International Business Awards 2012, in the Exports (Auto & Engineering) Category. Such consistent performance and its recognition by the industry, has always kept Maruti Suzuki in news.