If any shareholder is interested in opting for ECS facility, he may please send to our Registrar and Transfer Agent 'Karvy Computershare Pvt. Ltd.' the downloaded ECS MANDATE FORM by enclosing a photocopy of a blank cheque leaf or a cancelled cheque for the purpose of noting the MICR details. The ECS mandate details provided by an investor will be used for payments in respect of shares held by such investor.

In case the investor is holding the shares in demat form, such investor may please contact his/her Depository Participant for recording the ECS mandate.

The information provided by the investor(s) will be kept confidential and would be used only for the purpose of effecting the payment meant for investor(s) while crediting the payment due to the investor(s).

Nomination Form for transfer of
rights to equity share ( to be filed in
by individual (s).

Notice and Proxy Form