The company carries out a Needs Assessment Survey of the neighbouring communities before initiating CSR interventions. Based on the needs of the community, the company undertakes social projects in areas such as education, sanitation, healthcare and rural infrastructure projects. In 2013-14, community development work was initiated in a village close to the upcoming R&D test course at Rohtak. Presently, the company is undertaking social projects in Manesar, Gurgaon and Rohtak.

  • Education: The key objective of the programme is to improve infrastructure and learning levels of students in government schools in the neighbouring communities. The infrastructure development work includes construction of toilets, boundary walls, pavements, drinking water tanks, repair of electrical fittings, provision of fans and horticulture work. The company has contributed to upgradation of seven government schools. Of these, three schools have made it to the list of "most beautiful schools", as declared by the State Education Department.
  • In 2013-14, the company instituted Academic Excellence Award for students securing top three positions in 10th and 12th standard examinations. The award includes cash prize and a trophy. Around 7,500 students, many from underprivileged sections of society, have benefited from the education programme of the company. As a result of the various interventions of Maruti Suzuki, there has been improvement in the enrolments and the academic performance of students in the schools.
  • Sanitation: The work on sanitation began in 2013-14. As part of the programme, the company provided sweepers in select Manesar villages to help community in improving the level of cleanliness in the villages. The community was also sensitised about the benefits of hygienic living through street plays and communication literature. Two villages in Manesar, where the company worked, were shortlisted in 2013-14 for Nirmal Gram Puraskar by the government at the district level.
  • Health Care: In 2013-14, the company donated four EECO Ambulances to the Civil Hospital in Gurgaon. These ambulances have attended to over 2,785 medical emergencies during the year. The company continued with its annual Anti-Dengue and Anti-Malaria Awareness Campaign in partnership with Government Health Department. As part of the programme, larvicide was sprayed in housing colonies in collaboration with the government health department. The campaign covered 79,210 households in 2013-14.
  • Rural Infrastructure Projects: The company also upgraded the common community assets such as parks, cremation ground, playground, community halls etc. in the villages around Manesar facility. Such projects helped in building cohesive relations with the community.