Vision & Core Values


The leader in the Indian Automobile industry,
Creating Customer Delight and Shareholders’ Wealth; A pride of India.

Core Values

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Networking and Partnership

We look at opportunities to build, nurture and develop mutually beneficial relationships, keeping the Company’s goal in mind. We listen, appreciate and respect others’ point of view, identify and derive value from the views and thought process of others. We believe in knowledge sharing and learning from others.

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Innovation and Creativity

Innovation and creativity is all about new perspectives, creating new solutions and dealing with changes in novel ways. Being innovative and creative is to understand and appreciate the need for change and generate innovative solutions to problems. We are focused on continuous improvements and put processes in place and emphasis continuous learning.

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Openness and Learning

Openness and learning is the ability to learn from experiences of self and others. The degree of openness and learning is demonstrated by our ability to extract meaningful learning from the collective observations and past experiences and to understand and appreciate the need for change. It requires us to adapt to the changing requirements willingly.

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Fast, Flexible and First Mover

We strive to break patterns, habits and not get conditioned by the environment. It requires us to take timely and critical decisions and to constantly explore opportunities to generate new ideas. We anticipate opportunities for growth and take appropriate risks to remain ahead. We put in sustained team effort to achieve the desired goal and in the process can also take failures with grace.

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Customer Obsession

Customer obsession is about ‘wowing’ and delighting customers. It refers to our ability to understand the stated as well as the unstated needs of our customers.