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Institutional Customers

Corporate Sales

Corporate Sales

Maruti Suzuki has been maintaining a business relationship with many corporate houses and various benefits are given to these customers depending upon the eligibility criteria.

Customers are broadly classified under Elite, Signature and Value . We also provide Group / Bulk purchase incentives with minimum quantity criteria. The purchases can be made as a corporate or for the personnel.

EPCG / High Sea Sales

Foreign diplomats, ambassadors and members of international organizations enjoy excise duty waivers & sales tax waivers, as per exemption given by Government of India on car purchase.

The newly launched Grand Vitara is also available under EPCG / High Sea Sales.

Special Scheme

Maruti Suzuki, being the market leader, is ever looking forward to expand the market and include newer segments of the Indian population into its fold. Few of the segments tapped by the company are the Government Employees, Teachers and Doctors.

To know more about the existing scheme, please contact us.

Fleet Solution

Fleet Solution

From Maruti Suzuki Alto to Grand Vitara, Maruti Suzuki has all models to suit all kinds of business requirements and safety. We offer customized solutions as per your business requirements for your Fleet / Taxi.

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Sale to Government Departments is being carried out by the terms and conditions as defined by DGS&D (Director General of Supplies and Disposal). Government department purchases vehicles in the name of their department based on the terms and conditions as defined in the rate contract issued by DGS&D.


  • All Central Government Departments
  • All State Government Departments.
  • All PSUs

Categories Qualifying Criterion Current Models present
SUV Utility Vehicle Gypsy HT & ST
Non AC Staff Cars Non AC, 2 Box, Small Car Omni-5 seater and Omni 8 seater
AC Staff Car AC, PS, 3 Box, Deluxe Car SX4 VXI
Ambulance Ambulance EECO, Omni and Gypsy

SX4 VXI is holding "Staff car" status from Department of Expenditure, Ministry of Commerce.

Rate Contracts

Sales Process

Process for DGS&D is clearly written down in DGS&D rate Contract with other terms & conditions*.

  • Advance Payment:
  • Supply order with Advance payment in favour of Maruti Suzuki India Limited*.

  • Form-131 for Credit operations:
  • Supply order completes in all respects with financial certificate.


Prices for the vehicles are mentioned in the Annexure-A of the rate contract.

Rate contract copies can also be downloaded from the DGS&D website

Our Customers

Defence, Para Military forces, Police, Health, Ministries, District and High Courts, Agriculture, PWD, Irrigation, General Administration, Excise and Sales Tax, Forest, District Administration Departments, PSUs/ Nationalised Banks etc.

Canteen Stores Department (CSD)

Canteen Stores Department (CSD)

CSD Eligibility

This scheme is extended to all Commissioned Officers and PBORs who as per the guidelines defined by the Ministry of Defence.


All Maruti Suzuki models (except Gypsy and special application) are registered with Canteen Stores Department.

General procedure to book a car through CSD

1. Submission of an Indent for purchase of a car in the CSD Depot.
2. Full Payment by a Demand Draft in favour of 'Canteen Stores Department Public Fund Account (Main)' payable at selected location.
3. Serving officer, to attach copy of salary slip and PAN Number (or as per Guidelines by CSD).
4. Retired officer, to attach copy of discharge slip/preliminary pension order and PAN Number (Or as per guidelines by CSD).
5. Once booking is complete, Canteen Stores Department will place an indent of purchase on a delivery dealer.
6. Dealer will process the case.

Documents required by the customers:

1. Indent application form
2. Demand Draft in favor of Canteen Stores Dept. Public Fund A/c (Main) payable at depot location
3. Residence Proof
4. Serving Certificate
5. Latest pay slip copy
6. Proof of permanent registration
7. PAN card copy
8. In case the customer is not personally coming (It would be most appropriate if the customer comes) an authority letter is required in the name of AREA MANAGER CSD Depot - With the concerned person?s name. The same has to be signed by the customer.
9. On submission of the above mentioned documents, CSD will release the purchase order.

The following documents will be provided by a dealership to a customer:

  • Copy of Purchase Order (P.O) issued by CSD.
  • Copy of Authority letter issued by CSD.
  • Copy of Sales Certificate (Form 21) issued by CSD.
  • Copy of Dealer invoice / Bill copy.
  • Temporary registration (The customer should inform this beforehand about the Temp. Registration address)

Note : Please refer to the guidelines issued by the CSD for the purchase of a car through CSD. The above mentioned procedure is to give the overview of the procedure to a buyer.

NRI “Dil Se”

NRI “Dil Se”

Maruti Suzuki’s exclusive programme for Indians( NRI's/PIO's) residing overseas- “Dil Se”, makes it easy for one to gift a car in India to their loved ones.

Under this programme, you can buy/gift a car online where we offer you a special price and host of other value added services that will ensure that you have one absolutely unique & magical car buying experience.

Maruti Suzuki has made your purchase of car online simple with the most convenient payment options and also a free home delivery of the car anywhere in India.

Gift a car to your loved ones and enjoy the buying experience!

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